168seller.com (Chinese domain name: foreign trade market. China) is an ecosystem partner of Beijing Zhongzhi E-commerce Co., Ltd. through the integration of high-quality Chinese suppliers and manufacturers in the fields of customs inspection, logistics, payment, and finance. The full-platform, online closed-loop foreign trade model integrating related services greatly reduces the threshold for China's high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises to connect to the international market. It not only empowers domestic small and medium-sized production capacity, but also benefits global small and medium-sized retailers, becoming one of the two The shortest straight line between. We have a series of high-quality Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, as well as our own transshipment warehouses and long-term logistics partners. The company is headquartered in Yabao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Website users are mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baku, Lithuania, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and other countries. Every merchant who purchases products from 168seller can apply to the platform to open its own independent website to sell products from the 168seller website. Merchants only need to synchronize products to their website with one click, and orders can be transferred to the 168seller website with one click and sent to the designated place for processing.

Help SMEs and individuals realize the dream of "buy the world, sell the world".