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shopping process
How to register a member account?

Customer account registration and login process

1. Click the small head icon on the homepage of the website, the account information will pop up, and go to the registration and login page:

1. Enter the registration and login page:

If you have an account, enter the account and password on the right to enter your personal account. If you have already bound WeChat, click on the WeChat profile picture to open the QR code page and scan the code to log in to the member center.

Not registered, enter the email address on the left to register, or register through other social accounts.

(1). Email registration or mobile phone number registration:

Fill in the corresponding registration information, the items with * are required.

You can also choose whether to become a referrer and participate in the referral program to get extra rewards!

Assign an address alias for future reference here, the default is my address. Can be modified to my home address, office address, friend address, etc. It is convenient to choose when shipping

The content without the red * symbol can be omitted.

(2). Other social account registration: www.168seller.com

1. After registering and logging in, you can enter your personal account to view account information:

shopping process

shopping process

1. Register as a member-select the product and submit it to the shopping cart-if there is a voucher, pay attention to use-confirm that there is no problem and submit the settlement-if you have not registered a member, you need to register as a member first, and you are already a member of the membership system, select the delivery address, and tick Select the terms of service, select bank transfer-submit, confirm the order.

2. After the order is successfully submitted, you can see the detailed order content in the order history list of the member center of your account-check the order status in batches (ask for stock, please stock up, etc.)

3. Waiting for the stocking status reply from the factory. We will update the order status in real time.

4. The factory ships the goods to the turnover warehouse. All the goods are inspected without quality problems, and you will be notified to pay when they are complete.

5. After receiving the payment, send it to the designated warehouse for delivery.

6. After the delivery is completed, the photo with the receipt and the invoice will be sent to your timely communication software

7. Waiting for receipt, the time is determined by the way of delivery and logistics, and keep good communication with the delivery warehouse in time. Track the flow of goods.

8. When the goods arrive at the designated place, the local logistics office will notify you to pick up the goods. Pay attention to check the integrity of the goods when picking up the goods, whether they are damaged, lost, or find any abnormalities in time to communicate with the shipping company to handle compensation.

9. On arrival, check whether all the goods have quality defects. If there are any problems, take a photo to notify us. We give you guidance on handling suggestions.

10. There is no problem in the receiving inspection, and the receiving is completed in the order. Also write a good comment. It is convenient for more customers to know the quality of the product. It is also convenient for us to monitor the quality of our products.

How to find the desired product?

How to find the desired product? There are several ways:

1. Through the search engine, click on the image icon of the magnifying glass to open the search page, enter the product reference number or product name and click search to find the content you want

2. Open the category page, the left column will display the product's sub-category, brand (manufacturer), sales attribute, and general attribute content. After checking, the search result will be displayed.

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payment method
How payment?

After you place an order, if the order amount is less than 20,000 yuan, our factory will prepare the goods according to your order requirements. It will take about 2-3 days to ship from the factory warehouse to the Beijing turnover warehouse, and then we will check again quality. To ensure that there is no problem with the quality, we notify you to pay the full amount. After receiving the payment, you can then send your goods to the designated warehouse. Whether to have insurance according to your requirements. You don't need to come to China to inspect and deliver goods in person.

payment method:

1. You can pay through your receiving warehouse, first transfer the money to the warehouse, and wait for us to deliver to your designated warehouse. After the goods are delivered, the warehouse will pay us again with the invoice.

2. A; Bank account transfer B; Western Union C; Silver Star Express D; MoneyGram E: designated warehouse withdrawal; F: middleman remittance.

Delivery Method
I haven't cooperated with the delivery warehouse, how can I find a suitable delivery warehouse?

Distinguished wholesale customers: If you don't know how to ship to you after ordering, and there is no cooperating warehouse of your own at present, we can recommend several shipping and logistics companies with good credit to you, let you choose. You must first tell me your country, city, and detailed contact information, phone number, email, vk number, etc. (It is best to fill in the details when registering a member). Currently we target wholesale customers countries: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Mongolia and other countries. Other countries do not accept orders for the time being because there is no cooperative shipping logistics company. You can also order if you have your own delivery channel. The product you buy is for your own use, as long as it is from the above-mentioned countries, it can basically be shipped. If it is Russia, we can send it to your home address by cdek's courier

We deliver to other countries via postal parcel or ems in China

What are the delivery methods?

In today's era, e-commerce is the mainstream business method, and people place orders through the Internet. Fast logistics and distribution are very important. We have long-term logistics partners with good reputation and strong strength. Logistics methods: small package logistics, bulk logistics, land transport and air transport. There are dedicated express lines, and there are also channels for dedicated delivery.

If you are in a hurry, it can be shipped to Moscow in 2-3 days. The products you ordered will be delivered to your hands quickly.

If you do not have a cooperative logistics warehouse, you can tell us, and we will recommend you a satisfactory warehouse to you, so that you have no transportation concerns.

If you are an individual user who ships to Russia, we can deliver it to your doorstep through CDEK logistics.

After sales service
Return/Exchange Application

Quality Assurance: Don’t worry about being deceived or quality disputes here. After you place an order, we will confirm the inventory status in the first time, and reply or keep the goods according to your inquiry. Before the supplier’s warehouse sends the goods out, we will help you with the first quality control. We will check the product quality in accordance with the standardized procedures. Then when the goods arrive at the turnover warehouse, check the quality again. After there is no problem, you will be notified of the payment. (You can also pay through your receiving warehouse, wait until we deliver to your shipping warehouse, and pay us with the invoice after delivery) We receive your payment and we will deliver it according to your instructions Your shipping warehouse. After you receive the product and check that the product has no quality problems, click to confirm the completion of the receipt. If you find a problematic product within 3 days, please take a photo and tell us, and we will reply to you. I also hope that you will provide more suggestions in all aspects. We will try our best to achieve your best satisfaction. 168seller wholesale network has established a high-quality supplier file. Once a processing plant with poor quality is found, the qualification of the manufacturer will be cancelled.

Product application return

If the received product has quality problems, it has not been used, and the original packaging has not been removed. According to the situation, if it cannot be used and repaired normally, apply for a return within three days.

Find the order in the order history details, and then click View more under the red order number to open the order details. Apply for a return application for the received product. (You must confirm receipt before you can apply for return)